Why Commit? If You Have Your Friends!

It has been almost a year of me being single. Well, what can you expect from a guy who is very choosy? Haha! Honestly, I’m sick and tired of being committed. You also have to be there for that someone. You are obliged to check them out every now and then. Because if not, pagdududahan ka!

A friend of mine asked me kung bakit ayaw ko na makipag-commit? Hmm.. I just told her, “Kuntento na ako na kasama kayo.” And I mean it.

Nakakalungkot nga lang dahil yung sinabihan ko ng mga katagang yan ay bihira ko na lang makasama. Hehe! Busy sa pag-duduty ang utaw na yun. Determinado maging nar-es.

Kakatapos lang ng Valentine’s Day huh! Hindi ko man lang naramdaman ang importance nito. Unlike, last year! Haha!

Okay na rin. At least, I was able to save some money. Besides, I am busy doing my website proposal which I am going to defend on Saturday. It’s my first time. Wish me luck.

Whew! Wala na akong maisip para pahabain tong post. Haha!

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! ^_^



~ by luckwatchero on February 15, 2007.

One Response to “Why Commit? If You Have Your Friends!”

  1. hello jorty, thou di man tau lagi nagsasama always remmbr i’m just a text away…lagi busy kaya minsan di na tau nagsasama…ahhmmm….you’re one of the most treasured gems i have in my life…nax!love you jort! friends forever!

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