I Used to Think…

While waiting for the right person to come,
play and have fun with the wrong one.
Knowing your out there to take more than fun
But for a vengance of a bitter heart.

Life goes on with out seeking for meaning
Enjoying intimate moments with empty silence.
Out there trading souls of pureness in bargain
Thinking there is nothing to lose nothing to gain.

So I hold to all those shallow moments
Of lingering shadows with out any body to share
Hoping to find joys in savoring for heartless encounters
Without knowing my dignity in plunder.
Not knowing i am the one whose being hurt.

Then I think again …
I stoped for a while and look back
I can’t see no joys that can hold me now
Only tears of lost hope and endless needing
For a haven of peace … for a music in my silence.

Now I am thinking is this all for my vengeance?
Of showing others i’m strong and i’m tough
Seeing them hurt like me before will be fun
Sad to say its only me who suffered all the scars.

I will play the game again this time
But not to lose my balance on the things I should have
Understanding that intimacy is never its part
Of taking one soul in one moment then be gone.
Fearing that maybe the one with whom I play with
Will be that person that might be the right one.


~ by luckwatchero on February 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “I Used to Think…”

  1. ang lalim 🙂

  2. song ba to or gawa mo? huwaw huh..

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