Later this afternoon, my family attended the Sunday Mass together for the first time. My mom, my elder sister, my eldest brother, my 4 nephews (3 of which are of my sister and 1 is of my brother) and the two nannies are with me (we consider them as part of the family). It really feels great when you’re with them. Seeing their smile on their faces feels good. It helps you to forget your problems even just for a moment.

On our way home, I felt sad because I would be happier if my dad is still with us. I came to realize that I have never experienced being with my family wherein we are really complete. In every occasion or instance, there is still one who is not with us.

During my graduation day in elementary, one of my brothers is not with us. During my high school graduation, my sister is not with us. Life is so unfair. I never experienced being with my whole family.I was looking some of the pictures of my family a while ago, there I saw my family complete. That’s the time when I wasn’t born yet. That’s the time when my sister graduated as Valedictorian in elementary. As a matter of fact, we don’t even have a family picture together.

Lastly, my family were not complete when my father died. It was only me, my mother and my sister who were there witnessing the last breath of my father. I guess, I have to face the fact that my family will NEVER be complete again. So you guys, always put your family as one of your top priorities (second to God). Enjoy every moment with them. Be with them and always give a time to them. Don’t ignore them and show to them that you love them.


~ by luckwatchero on March 5, 2007.

17 Responses to “Incomplete”

  1. aigoo.. kami rin alang family pichure.. >_

  2. awww…how sad

  3. Waaaa…so sad…I know the feeling. Yeah it’s true that our family will never be compele again but we are still lucky because we are left with memories that will stay forever

  4. paiyakin ba ako…

  5. how sad naman…..kami din….walang family picture….lahat ng picture namin nangawala after namatay ng nanay(ina ng mama ko)nang nagpunta na kami sa lucena….wala talagang natira…as in…since ikinasal sina mama hanggang malalaki na kami..kasama pa sa nawala ung medals at ribbons ko nung elementary as a remembrance….hays..tapos wala kaming time magpapicture kahit kompleto kami….(nagkwento ba)….lols

  6. sa amin naman, hindi complete kasi i got married after my dad died…:(

  7. I’m sure kumpleto kayo nung nag-mass kayo. The spirit of your father was with you — you just didn’t realize it 🙂

  8. wala din kaming latest family picture before my dad passed away, at least merong kaming super old family picture, kaso ang pangit ko, mukha akong ewan kase 1st year college pa ako nun at busy sa ROTC, heheh.. but im happy ….life is never unfair, always keep in mind that everything has a reason…always trust God…:)

  9. Advice ko nalang, wag mo sanang tignan yung situation na hindi na magiging kumpleto ulit yung pamilya nyo… Diba sabi nga nila, physically…maaaring wala na nga sya. Pero all the good memories of him still lies in your hearts pa naman eh. Ika nga, it’s the thought that counts. Hehe. Saka, he’s always watching you and your family naman from up there. Kaya wag ka na malungkot, my friend. Haha!

    Wishin’ all the best to you and your family! God Bless!

  10. Thanks sa mga nagcomment! ^^

  11. sad naman ako dito 😦

    kami din walang family picture kung alam ko lang na mawawala na pala ang papa ko sana nagpakuha kami ng family picture (kaya lang baka hindi magkasya dahil sa sobrang dami namin :lol:)

  12. Masipag pala kayo ate Bhevs. Magkakasundo talaga kayo ni kuya John niyan! Masipag din yun sa….:D

  13. ako lagi yung mom ko yung active sa school nung elementary ako, siya lagi umaatend ng meetings, lahat lahat!

    tapos nung graduation, i graduated valedictorian. di siya nakarating.

  14. dhenzio talaga pasaway bakit naman nasali si John? :bop:

  15. wag ka nang magtaka ate bhevs kay kuya dhenz…since birth…pasaway na yan….

    @kuya dhenz….c ate naidz…masipag din ah….baka magselos kc kaya dapat pantay 😆

  16. wag kaung magalala, tyak sa langit…makokompleto rin tayo…lols

  17. pasaway talaga si dodong :bop: 😀

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