A Tribute To My Mother!

It was International Women’s Day yesterday. I want to dedicate this entry to my mother. I know how it is difficult to be a mother because I can see how mothers sacrifice their own happiness for their children. They always want to give their children the best. They want to give them a better life. They’ll do anything just to make sure that their children would have a better future. Some may be fortunate because they have a mother who is financially stable. How about those who are not? I think it is not right to call them unfortunate just because they lack money. If you were to choose, which will you prefer? A rich mom who has no time for you? Or a not so rich mom but can give her full attention to you? For me, it won’t matter on what kind of mother do I have. As long as she’s always there beside me and supports me in every decision I make. That’s enough.

I must admit that I am not a good son and I hate my mother sometimes, but still I love her more than anything else. I owe my life to her. Without her, I am not existing. We had so many misunderstandings, but at the end of the day my love for my mom dominates. There were times when I asked myself, what if I have different mother? Would it still be the same? I don’t know. I am contented on what kind of mother I have, I love her for what she is.

I used to call my mother as a hero. Being a teacher for almost 4 decades is not a joke. I am proud of my mother. Waking up early and sleeping late at night. I know, my mom wants the best for me. She grew up in a poor family. She used to tell me stories about her childhood years. Going to school without slippers and she has to walk 4 kilometers from their home. I may not be a good son but I’ll make it sure that I’ll do my best and be the best.

I was looking for the letter my mom gave me during our high school retreat. Too bad, I can’t find it anymore. Perhaps I misplaced it.

Let me grab this opportunity to thank those women who are part of my life and one of my inspirations in life. Thank you for being there for me and for all those advices. Thank you for believing in me and standing by me.


~ by luckwatchero on March 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “A Tribute To My Mother!”

  1. have you told her that you love her? i mean, sa kanya mismo? saying these things will mean nothing kung hindi alam ng sinasabihan mo mismo…

    now go and tell that you love her…. wala ka man makuhang sagot, pero deep in her heart, iiyak yun sa tuwa…

    am guilty of that….

  2. i know right.. moms these days.. ♥

  3. Tama si momd dee, you have to tell your mom that you love her. Kung nahihiya kang sabihin ng personal, find other ways… I-text mo sya, padalhan ng card o kaya sulatan mo 🙂

    One time, magpa-deliver ka ng flowers for her. Am sure she’ll never forget that 🙂

  4. dhenz, sabihin mo sa mama mo kung gaano mo sya kamahal 🙂

  5. before it is too late, sabihin mo kuya sa kanya. Ako namatay ang lolo ko ng hindi ko sinasabi sa kanya na mahal na mahal ko siya. 😦 Isa yon sa mga bagay na sobra kong pinanghinayangan.

  6. teka…OT pero…

    kuya dhenz, paano maglagay ng disclaimer sa blog? 😀 hindi ko alam eh

  7. korek silang lahat…kahit na simple things that make her happy ok na yun basta na-feel nyang importante siya sayo, before its too late….may mga parents na akala natin hindi tayo love pero hindi natin alam na deep inside nila is love na love nila ang mga anak nila…:)

  8. honga……i second emotion sa sinabi ninyong lahat 😆 ….hehehe….hindi ko pa rin nasasabi kina mama at tatay ang salitang “I LUV U”….pati nga dun sa namatay kong lola 8 years ago….hindi ko rin nasabi…wala man lang akong nasabi kahit thank you man lang 😦 ….medyo nahihiya ako….

  9. Ako nung younger days ko pa hindi ko maintindihan ang mom ko bat ganito bat ganyan pero pag ikaw na pala ay isang ina na you will realized na mahal tayo ng ating mga magulang kahit na nga minsan lagi nila tayo nakokontra and the best way na mapakita naitn sa mga nanay natin na binabalik natin ang lahat ng pagmamahal ay ang pag akap natin sakanila at pagsasabi mismo ng ating nararamdaman. Tama ang lahat go and tell your mom how you love her alam ko laha lahat mapapawi ng kapirasong I love you. Stay humble and continue to be a good son friend.

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