Life Lessons

When you’re in school, you are taught a lesson and given a test. In our life, it’s the other way around; we are given a test that teaches us a lesson. Learn from past experiences, live with it, and make your experiences as your guide for your future.

Be led by your dreams. When you have problems, do not let these be the reason for your failure. Always think of your dreams and ambitions, this will help you to motivate yourself from giving up.

Always accept responsibility. Be responsible in every thing you do. The more you will accept responsibility to your actions, the more credibility you will have. Thus, you would earn more respect from other people. Always do your best and be the best.

In friendship, there are times that you would encounter misunderstandings. It is really difficult to have misunderstandings with other people especially if they are close to you. But, it is also somehow easier because you know each other very well and would know where to pick up. That is because you know where you parted ways. That’s why, always tell your friends that there are times that you might not understand them, but always there to listen.

Lastly, always be positive. We know for a fact that we cannot avoid other people in saying negative things about us. Let them do it. Go on with your life. It won’t matter as long as you know that there are people who loves you, accepts you and ready to fight for you. It doesn’t matter how many of them are there. What matter is they love you.


~ by luckwatchero on April 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Life Lessons”

  1. we need to learn a lesson or two in everything. 😀

  2. very well said…

  3. Great insights Dhenz. Parang gusto ko ulit magsulat. 🙂

    Si Coy ‘to from Pex, check-out my Vlog. 🙂

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