Perhaps Love

What is your own definition for love? How would you know if it is already love? How far can you go for love? Or should I say, how far did you go for love? Do you have standards in love?

These questions popped up into my mind after watching Hana Kimi, a Taiwanese drama. It’s about a girl who wanted to see her all-time crush doing high-jumping live. The guy is studying in a school which is exclusively for boys. So, what the girl did, she disguised herself as a guy just to be able to enroll in the school where her crush is studying.

If you want to know what happened to the girl, you can watch it for yourself on You Tube or simply buy its DVD. I swear you’ll surely enjoy this drama. Take my word.

Back to our topic which is about love, let me be the first one to answer these questions. For me, love is about union of two people. You would know if it’s already love if that person always comes into your mind and you always think of that person even if you’re doing something. That’s based from my experiences.

How far can I go for love? It depends. It is debatable. If the person is worth fighting for, I can do everything. When I say everything, it means everything that I have to undergo just to prove my worth.

Let’s face it, all of us has its own standards when it comes to love. But in the end, we fall in love to someone who is not fitted to our standards. That’s why it’s called “falling inlove” because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just simple fall.

It’s now your turn to share. Come on, don’t be shy! I’ll wait. Ayt?




~ by luckwatchero on May 3, 2007.

One Response to “Perhaps Love”

  1. For me love is giving of onself to the other person without asking anything in return. For years i’ve given my all to a certain person, giving up a career, friends and even family to prove to this person how much I love him. How do I know it’s love? At first it was just for convenience because I know he can give me all my financial needs but after knowing this person I learned to appreciate everything about him even his bad temper and his mood swings. Now I know it’s not just for convenience but I am loving already, I am feeling this fast hearbeat that wants to explode everytime I am with this man. At first it’s heaven. Everything seems perfect, beautiful children, good life and peaceful home but there is no forever. One morning I woke up alone, waiting for him to come home, waiting for him to touch me and make me whole again but he never came….I waited for years for that love to come back until my heart stops loving, until it stops remembering. Now I am on my own, trying to move on, trying to fight and hoping to love again if not now maybe tomorrow but definitely I would want to love again…..someday………..

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