Love. Bond.

I miss being inloved. I mean, being in a relationship. I’ve been single for about 10 months. I can’t believe this. I miss having a special someone whom I can share my happiness with. I know, I have my friends. But, a friend is different from a lover right? I know somehow, it is happy to be single because you are free from commitments. But the happiness you’ll experience when you’re in love is unexplainable.

As of now, I am enjoying my life being single. And I am not planning to have one either. Though, there are still crushes. Of course, you can’t avoid that right? That’s part of our human life. As for me, I’m enjoying what I have and whom I have right now. Living my life to the fullest. Grabbing every opportunity I have.

By the way, last monday, I watched “Simpsons the Movie” with my classmate, Epoy. I never imagined that were going to watch the movie together. Yes! I and him alone. In the first place, he only asked me to go with him to check some PC Games nearby. Suddenly, when we were about to enter the only mall in town, he asked me to watch a movie. And so I said yes. He was like a little kid who is very excited to watch the movie. It was just around 10 people or something who are watching the movie. That day was a classic. I was able to see the other side of him. We went home with a smile on our faces.

And oh, about the movie? It was hilarious. Not quite impressive though but something to be proud of. A lesson is learned in that movie. Watch it for yourself. Or perhaps, with your friends. Hehe!


~ by luckwatchero on August 16, 2007.

20 Responses to “Love. Bond.”

  1. im almost 2 years single now…. beat that hehe

  2. Wow! Lemme guess..busy with you career? hehe

  3. ako, lagi single……nyahaha….forever na ata…lolz

  4. torpe ka kasi dong! lol

  5. syempre!!!…..hahaha….may gusto pa kc ako patunayan sa sarili ko……ano naman kaya un?…..lolz

  6. Hahhaha! mahirap maging torpe alam mo ba yun

  7. hindi ko pa alam…..hehehe

  8. Ngayon alam mo na! haha

  9. hahahaha….hindi pa nga eh…

  10. inom ka na lang ng lason! haha

  11. hahahaha……ayaw kow…..ayoko matula sa tito ko….hahaha

  12. bakit? anong nangyari sa tito mo?

  13. wala pa akong one year nung nagpakamatay sya…..uminom ng muriatic acid…..waaaaaa…may epilepsy kc sya… ayun…..kaya nakarelate ako dun sa isang episode ng MMK entitled “Ilog”….hahaha

  14. anong konek ng muriatic acid sa ilog?

  15. hahaha….. e di ba un din ung iinumin sana ni rayver dun sa mmk….lolz

  16. pero hindi natuloy….lolz

  17. aba malay ko, di naman ako nanood nun haha

  18. gawin bang chatroom ito?

  19. Shhhh..hindi naman ah! 😀

  20. oo nga naman mom dee…hindi naman namin ginagawa itong chatroom… 😆

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