Last Sunday, my aunt, who is the sister of my late father, celebrated her 80th birthday. She was so special that night. Everyone made her special. Before entering the resto, the lights were turned off. While she was entering the venue, we all greeted her a Happy Birthday while the lights are turned on. She was crying with happiness. That was a very happy day for me. It made me slso miss my father. Ugh!

All of our relatives were there. All from our family clan has its own representative. We can never be complete because some has past away. That’s life. It is overwhelming to see your cousins again after not seeing for how many months, some are even years.

I miss my childhood years with my cousins. Before, we used to bond once in a while. Now, we rarely talk. We have our own lives now. Childhood years is indeed over for us.  We didn’t even bond during the party, it’s as if we don’t know each other. Perhaps it’s because we never talked for a long time and there had beed a gap between us. And the closeness that we’ve had before fade away. But I know, whatever happens, we are always there for each other. After all, blood is thicker thank water. But when it comes to know, it’s another thing. Just kidding! Haha!


~ by luckwatchero on August 25, 2007.

10 Responses to “Classic!”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your special Aunt….Sounds like a special celebration. I too have cherished memories of my childhood days with grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins…. FAMILY…..

  2. Aww..thanks! Why don’t you share some of your childhood memories? 😉

  3. dahil sa entry na to…..dumami ang namiss ko…..hahaha…

    ung mga pinsan ko sa mother side na hindi ko na alam kung asan na ngaun na dati ay kalaro ko….hahaha….na kung umiyak ay parang baka sa lakas…..kaya galit na galit c nanay… 😆

    namiss ko rin c nanay (ina ni mama) na hindi man lang ako nakahingi ng tawad b4 sya mamatay… … sayang huli na…. 😦

  4. bad ka kasi eh! 😆

    nata ako dun sa parang baka sa lakas ang tawa! 😆

  5. parang baka talaga umiyak ung pinsan ko….babae pa naman….namiss ko un….hindi ko na alam kung nasan….huli kong balita last year…nasa Bicol na raw at may isang anak…..hehehe…

  6. Hahaha! naalala ko tuloy yung isa kong kaklase na parang baka rin kung umiyak. haha

  7. may kaklase naman ako, mabait sya, mahinhin…..kabaligtaran sa baka….parang kuting naman kung umiyak…..lolz

  8. Hhahahaa laitero ka ha

  9. hindi naman ah…..actually bestfriend ng mama ko ung ina nung sinasabi kong parang kuting kung umiyak

  10. hahahahha kuting talaga ha!

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