Special or Important?

What is special? What is important? Who are special? Who are important? How would you let someone know that he is special? How would you let someone know that he is important? Is there a difference between being special than being important? How would you know that you’re special? How would you know that you’re important? What makes someone special? What makes someone important? Would you consider your family important? Or special? How about your friends? How about the one you love?

If you had the chance to choose between the two, what is it gonna be? Why? Quite difficult right? Hell yeah! Which of the two words is  more special? Which of the two words is more important? Haha! Am I making this thing complicated? I think so. You know, we sometimes use these words without even knowing it’s importance or how it is special.

They say, special people are different from important people. Special is someone you’ll never forget the rest of your life. Important is someone you need for the rest of your life. Now, which is which for you? Special or Important? Hmmm…

I just want to dedicate this post to my friends. Yes! to all of my friends out there. Childhood friends, High School friends, College friend and even online friends. They say, every person we bump into has a purpose. So we ask ourselves, “How did this person touch my life?” I never really care for the purpose why I met you guys, as long as you’re always there for me., accepts me for who I am and for what I am.  It means a lot to me.

We might be friends for a year, perhaps good friends the next year. We might don’t even talk often  or want to talk at all the year after. I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart (Yes! I have a heart), even if I will never talk to you again in my whole life, you are special to me and you will always be. All of you made a difference in my life. To all of my old friends, you never be forgotten for you were there when my world turned upside down. To my new friends, I will never forget you as well. I know, everyone needs a friend.

I’ve lost friends and let our good friendship die because of misunderstanding. Sometimes, you just can’t take things back to the way they used to be no matter how hard you try regardless of how sorry you are. But I never give up in whatever I do, in whatever I am, in the things I’ve prayed for, for good things come when we almost like giving up. I know, not people can understand the way I am. Some may hate me while some will love. But for all of this, I still love the way I am because I don’t want to pretend as someone just to flatter anyone.

Always remember, when life kicks you in the ass, roll up your sleeves, and kick it back. Never let someone bring you down when you’re up and never sink to a lower level to be something or someone you’re not. You never have to impress someone that you don’t like.

When it comes to friendship, you don’t need to tell your friends how important they are. There are things that without even saying, they can easily understand. I know, without even saying a word, you know how important you are in my life. Not all the best things in our life are meant to last. Things change and so do people. We can never hold on to something forever. So learn to live and let it go. Thank you for friendship! Be it special or an important one.


~ by luckwatchero on August 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Special or Important?”

  1. woo! wala lng..miss u

  2. pwede both??….nice!!!….kung mababaw lang luha ko….kanina pa ako naiyak sa entry na to…thanks kuya dhenz….

  3. may pinanghuhugutan kasi yan…may namimiss nakaibigan, ayaw naman gumawa ng move…

  4. hmm.. mahirap mawalan ng kaibigan no? hehehe.. pero can move on! godbless…

  5. parang ung kasabihan na:
    “One is silver the other is gold.”

    pili ka na lang kung sino ung mga silver at gold. :p

  6. parang linyang: “mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako, o kailangan mo ako dahil mahal mo ako” LOL

    I just added you i my blogroll too 🙂

  7. nice….galing sa movie na Milan….hehehe

  8. Nice one Thet, iboblog ko yan pag may time ako! Hahaha!

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