World Teachers’ Day

Still remember the first day you went to school? Still remember your first teacher or your first class adviser? Who was your favorite teacher? How about your least favorite? Who was the nicest? How about the coolest? We meet different teachers every year, from pre-school to college. No matter how good they treat us, no matter how strict they are, no matter how many times they fail us, it doesn’t matter. Why? It’s because they have only one goal,  that is for us to LEARN.

I don’t wanna sound bragging but I do remember all of my class advisers’ name. I listed it down:

Grade 1 – Mrs. Marinela Cruz

Grade 2 – Mrs. Glorina Tarroza

Grade  3- Mrs. Vilma Santos (Not the Star for All Season! Haha)

Grade 4 – Mrs. Josephine Saavedra

Grade 5 – Mrs. Felecitas Cruz

Grade 6 – Mrs. Virginia Orfano

1st Year High School – Mr. Philip Balagon

2nd Year High School – Mrs. Aileen Balagon

3rd Year High School – Mrs. Lorna Sayson

3rd Year High School – Mr. Ericson Billedo (substituted for Mrs. Sayson when she had her maternity leave)

4th Year High School – Ms. Annabelle Romano

I really salute all the teachers around the world for being so patient with us, students. I know how difficult it is to be a teacher. I should know, because my mother is a public school teacher. Hell Yeah! She’s a public school teacher for 35 years now. That’s classic! This school year would be her last year in teaching because she’s retiring. I am so proud of my Mom and to all the teachers as well.

For me, teachers are heroes. Despite of having a low salary, they’re still there willing to share their knowledge and willing to help other people to learn. Isn’t it amazing? And sometimes, they are not paid regularly. Worse, their salaries are not enough for them to have a decent living condition.

World Teachers’ Day Celebration helps us to draw public attention to the important roles of the teachers. We should appreciate all the things that they are teaching us. According to the WTD website, this year’s celebration would focus on working conditions.  They urge teachers, students and our communities to get the message across that better working conditions for the teachers would mean better learning conditions for learners.

With regards to my present and past teachers, there are some of them that I really like to thank. They helped me to be a responsible student.

Mrs. Orfano – You proved to me that cheaters indeed never win. Remember the Student Government Election? I was running for Public Information Officer then, my strongest opponent was your dear daughter. I almost lost the election just because of your Dagdad-Bawas. Haha! But sorry to disappoint you, you did not succeed.

Mrs. Llorca – my English teacher in Grade 4. Thank you for the support! I’m in my 3rd year in college now but still I can still remember the definition of preposition. Haha!

Mrs. Alarcon – my English teacher in Grade 6. Thank you for entrusting me the reponsibilty of being the Editor in Chief of the school paper.

Mrs. Siega – I have learned that when you fall down, just bounce back higher.I still remember the day when I found out that I had a grade of 79 in Math. That was way back in 1st year HS.

Mrs. Sousa – thank you for bringing out the best in me.

Mr. Invierno – Thank you would be enough. You never fail to inspire us. Thank you for all the motivations and for all the guidance. You’re simply one of the BEST. The thoughts, learnings and inspirations that I gained from you will always be treasured.

Mr. Elumba – Thank you for letting us learn on our own. Thank you for being so approachable and sincere. Thank you for being YOU.

For every little thing we learn, we owe it to them, the teachers. Teachers are not just teachers. They are also our brothers, sisters, mother, father and our FRIENDS. To all of the teachers who became part of my life, thank you very much. Some of you may not be the best, but at least I know, you tried to be one. It’s just that there is always someone out there who is better than us. And yeah, you are the best in your own way because no one can compare the things you do.

And with regards to the number one teacher in my life, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want you to know that I am so proud of you being my mother and being a second mother to your students. I Love You!


~ by luckwatchero on October 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “World Teachers’ Day”

  1. Happy Teacher’s Day!!!…God Bless to all the teachers around the globe. Batiin ko na rin at pasalamatan lahat ng naging teacher ko. Salamat po!!!

    Darating ang araw na

    magiging teacher din ako….wohoooo…

    sana nga…hehe

  2. we are a tecaher in our own simple way! 😀

  3. oo nga pala no…haha

    kaso walang graduation…hehe

  4. uu naman..


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