History Repeats Itself!

I knew it, it would be going to happen again this time. I have been in this the same situation before. Been there, done that. But, I always fail to learn the lessons. I know that I have nothing to gain from this because it is too complicated. It is like wanting to eat an apple that would taste like a lemon.

It’s funny how sometimes you’ve been doing everything to get out of one place and when you have found the time to leave, it is when you’ve also found a reason to stay. For these past weeks, I’ve been very confused with my feeling for someone. Someone who is a so-called friend. Why do most people seem to fall for their friend at one point or another? Just like what is happening to me right now.

In my case, I saw someone who knows me inside and out, someone who has been there when I was down. Someone who knows what makes me laugh and what makes me cry. Lastly, someone who cares. We see the perfect someone in a friend. But what we do not see is that as soon as we take that next step, they will turn into someone we never knew at all.

Someday, I would be able to find someone I am looking for, the one who will treat me right and love me more. Someday, I’ll see the love I am destined to be, and when that time comes, I hope I would be happy.

To my special someone right now, Thank You! Wanna know why? Thank you because you have become one of the reasons behind my smiles.  Thank You for being part of my life. I am very happy whenever I am with you. I don’t wanna end each day without seeing you – your smile, eyes and voice. I don’t care whatever the reason that made me fall for you. I know that I have nothing to expect in return. And I am willing to take all the consequences. Just let me love you, ‘coz you deserve to be loved. I’ll be always here for you, no matter what happens.


~ by luckwatchero on November 17, 2007.

One Response to “History Repeats Itself!”

  1. How sweet!

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