Bee Movie

Hey readers, how it is going’? I’ve been busy for these past few days. Christmas is fast approaching huh; did you already buy some gifts for your respective grandchildren? Hehe! Anyway, we were asked to write a reaction in our blog about the movie that we watched which is entitled “Bee Movie”. So, here I am now writing on my blog. Thank God, we were given guide questions. Haha! 

Bee Movie is a great animated film which is a good choice for children and adults. I really loved this film and especially the environmentally fundamental meaning the story conveys in a very efficient manner. 

Basically the movie centers on a society of bees who live a very routine existence, working assembly line jobs to make honey for their hive members. Barry the Bee, decided to goes off and travels a bit before settling down with his job. On his travels, he learns of the injustice of the fact that humans eat honey and make basically put bees to labor for them as slaves and bees get no payment for their work. This realization causes Barry to begin a legal campaign where Bees can no longer be subjugated by humans.

The environment angle comes into the movie as it explores how crucial bees are in the process of allowing nature and much of what humans eat to thrive and grow. The movie does a pretty good job of reminding the audience of the great importance of a single bee’s job.

I think one of the significant learnings in this movie is that we should not be individualistic. As one of the politicians have said, “If we can work together, why be individualistic?” This line interrelates with the movie. No matter how small the things we do, as long as it comes from our heart and we do it together, it would surely make a difference. It is definitely about sharing what you have in life and sharing what you can share and what you can do.  The ends will surely justify our means. 

What was really striking about the movie is about making a decision? It is not easy to make decisions in life especially if it is really complicated. And it takes time before you arrive to a certain decision. There are things that you need to consider and you’ve got to be ready of what would be the outcome.  It is a long process.

Based on the significant learnings I have, I would promote a “Pay It Forward” campaign. You’ll pay it forward to various other people who need it. It is the simple idea of doing good works for others to pay off the good that has happened to you. It is one that can simply be conveyed to children and encourages them to be socially aware and take a responsibility in making the world a better place.


~ by luckwatchero on December 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Bee Movie”

  1. sure ill add u to my list as fast as i can. 🙂

  2. lolz.. i have a spoiler at my blog.. 🙂

  3. I’ll check it out! ehehe

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