Five Pesos

What a long day for me? Full of requirements and our midterm examination is fast approaching. It’s only 2 days to go and I haven’t paid my tuition fee yet. I don’t even know if I would be able to take the exam. Darn! It’s freaking me out. Perhaps tomorrow I will be going to pay my tuition fee, and I bet, it would be a stressful day. Sitting down around the corner and waiting for your number to be called. Haha! It’s so boring.

Anyway, I and some of my classmates whom I already consider as friends went out for lunch even though it was raining.  We’ve decided to have our lunch at the McDonald’s fast food chain. When we were on our way to the fastfood chain, I saw an old lady standing outside at the McDonald’s. She asked me for a five pesos, but I didn’t mind her and went straight inside the McDonald’s. When we were already inside, we realized that we don’t want to have our lunch at the McDonald’s anymore. So, we transferred to Jollibee. Dahil BIDA ang SAYA. Haha!

While we were eating, I remember the old lady who was asking me five pesos.  I didn’t even know why. So, while we were done having our lunch, I hurriedly went back to the place where the old lady was. When I got there, I saw her standing infront of the McDonald’s and soaked in the rain. Then, I gave her five pesos. She was really thankful and I was really touched. She mentioned what would she going to do with the money, but I wasn’t able to hear it because I was walking so fast. It made me skeptical.

“Gracias gayod, pwede ya gayod yo kumpra . . . para na dimio . . .” (Thank you so much, I would be able to buy already a . . . for my. . .) These were the lines that I was able to hear from her. I hope, the five pesos that I gave her helped her somehow. Wherever she is right now, I wish her all the best in life and hopefully, she will be blessed.

One liner:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


~ by luckwatchero on January 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Five Pesos”

  1. Nice!!!…Speaking of 5 pesos, may naalala akong story galing sa isang aklat about 5 pesos…hehe. Pahirap na nang pahirap ang buhay.

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