Goodbye 2008, Mabuhay 2009!

The Year 2008 has been like a roller-coaster ride for me. This year is so crucial for me because I’m on my Senior year now in college and everything must fall into places. Anyway, there are some things that I can never forget for the year 2008.

During the 3rd Quarter of this year, a certain blog crippled Ateneo community because of its defamatory stories about students. I was so schocked when I found out that this certain whore of the same course as mine is  telling other people that I am the one behind this controversial blog. That is so pathetic!

There’s also this one person who is always assuming. We used to hang-out in this certain place and suddenly after a month or two, we’ve decided to change our place to hang-out. This person asks one of our friends why we decided to change, was it because they are also there? Haha! Pathetic!

Our first semester was like “Hell Hath No Fury Over a Woman Scorn!”. Thanks God our second semester feels like we’re in Cloud Nine! Whoo!

There are still many things that I would like to include in this entry. But I guess, there are things better left unsaid. Haha!

It’s the last day of the year 2008 and a few hours from now, we are going to welcome 2009! It’s time for us to change things and move on! Happy New Year guys!


~ by luckwatchero on December 31, 2008.

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