Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Year of the Ox starts officially today and we start to wonder what will happen to us this year. We should always expect the unexpected and be ready for all the things that will going to happen. We should be prepared so that when we fail, we know how to bounce back. We should also thank God for all the blessings, guidance and strengths that He has given us.

Exactly 28 days from now is our graduation day! I am hoping that I would be able to make it! I’m done with my portfolio presentation. All I need to do is to change some of the things that the judges asked me to revise. After doing my revisions, I hope there’s nothing to worry anymore.

Last Monday, the office of the registrar already posted the list of candidates for graduation. Unfortunately, my name was not included in the list. I don’t have a grade in my CS322 and Research 101 class. I think, our grades in our research class was long overdue. The deadline for the submission of revisions for our research was last November 2008. Until now, there are still some who haven’t submitted their revisions. As far as I am concerned, all of us signed in a paper stating that if we were not able to submit our revisions on the said date, we are going to have a failing mark. But since, those people who submitted their revisions long overdue are graduating students, the deadline was extended. But still, some are not giving any effort. They should have a failing mark. Oh well, that’s life!


~ by luckwatchero on January 26, 2009.

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