A Very Special Love

Love changed me. From the way I act to the way I decide. Sometimes, I even go against my principles and beliefs in life. Loving does not mean I’ll always be happy. The only thing that can make me completely happy is contentment. What is love in the first place? They say, it is when you find someone who didn’t meet any of your standards yet you say that you have found the right one. You don’t have to commit yourself when you’re in love with someone. Sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have with that special one.

Would you believe me if I say that I wrote this entry for the one I love most? Well, it might not be as well-written and striking like the other entries. But you know, you cannot write about love if you’re not in love or if you have never been in love. But for the one I love most, I can write this entry so effortlessly.

I want to thank “YOU” for the things you did and for your indulgent. Thank your for the promise that your heart will always be close to mine. You are someone who has no boundary of time when I don’t have vigor to go forward. Let’s come to think of this and look at all we could miss, I can’t let this happen, ‘coz it’s you that I’ll always love! If I told you I love you, would you love me back? I could never really love someone else but you and I have never wanted anything else, just only you!

I’m so blissful to have you by my side, now I know what a saccharine life is. Do you feel like I feel? Everyday without you is being without any meaning. You might have heard hundreds of thousands of love entries. They might be significant but their meanings are for anyone. But this, it is written only for you. If you comprehend its meaning, our hearts will be mutually forever.

There are so many truths in love. In the past, I spent too much moment looking for the gist of it. But I know that every time you are near, that if our lives are a quantity of music, then you are the libretto that composes my life meaningful and in concert we make beautiful harmony. Every time I feel your love shining in my heart, I can perceive my destiny.

I can perceive no paths that can guide me forward in darkness with my abandoned heart, without your heart near mine. The night can be so very long when I can witness no brightness from the firmament. The more I gaze around, the more I become anxious of the night that has yet to pass. Is there any other way to go?

I know the sun will stand out tomorrow. For as long as I know that there is tomorrow, there’s hope and I have a lifetime in loving you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


~ by luckwatchero on February 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Very Special Love”

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  2. Big words from a big man like you hahah! Indeed, once you found the “one”, you wont have second thoughts of letting it go no matter what happens. keep it up..=)

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