The Philippine government have been utilizing the advantage of new media technologies to improve public service. One of the services that they utilized using the new media technology is the online application of voters’ registration and transfer of voters’ registration records which started last year. The site will not only provide the registrants the option to select their preferred time to register, it will also give them the option to fill out the form online. This project will lessen the queue at Comelec offices and the workload of personnel encoding the data.

The four-stage model by Layne and Lee (2003) will be used as the evaluation framework in assessing the iRehistro system and its efficiency as e-government in providing service. The first stage (Catalogue) ensures the online presence of the service, catalogue of useful information and the availability of downloadable forms of services. The second stage (Transaction) ensures that citizens can perform online transactions other than its online presence and availability of information and forms. The third and fourth stages ensure that local systems are integrated with higher systems and across different functions respectively which gives the user a one-stop shop experience.

iRehistro is indeed catalogued and has online presence. The online voters registration is categorized according into new registrants, overseas Filipino, deactivated records, transfer of residency or address change, name change due to marriage or court order and incorrect record information. A downloadable form is available for each category and you have the option to fill up the form online or simple just download the form. Theses forms need to be printed and should be brought on the day of your appointment. You also have the option not select for an appointment. Additional instructions are also given for guidance. There is also an option for you to verify your voting status if it is still active or has been deactivated in their records. The online registration main purpose is to set an appointment with preferred Comelec branch. Physical transaction is still needed to complete the process. The information being generated online cannot be directly forwarded to the Comelec office. The process of online registration is centralized with Comelec but it has no integration with other e-government services and across other agencies which is very vital in becoming a one-stop shop. Clearly, iRehistro is still on its beginning stage on being a well-transactional system.


~ by luckwatchero on November 6, 2015.

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